Would your trading be different if you had a professional day trading mentor? Our goal is to make you a consistent day trader within six months.


Daytrading - The James way

Our formula of success is a combination of a well proven day trading system and a step by step education and live market support that has helped daytraders around the world to improve their trading results.


What kind of daytrader are you?

The James Way daytrading system is developed for day traders who are serious about their trading. Consistent profits do not come over night and having professional help through our live trading sessions can be the difference you have been looking for.


Improve your daytrading.

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Product Information

Daytrading - The James wayThe James Way daytrading system is an advanced trading support system for making consistent daily profits from liquid markets. The accurate and reliable day trading system is easy to learn. It adapts to existing market conditions and delivers clear indications for when to enter and exit the market.The James Way trading system is created by Mr James Edwards and is based on a mathematical formula using the market’s behavior in volume over time for more than 30 years. The system has a well proven track record and is successfully used by daytraders all over the world.


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